Our Company

Let Environmental Health & Safety Solutions provide you with cost effective and efficient safety solutions. Whether it is policy writing or onsite safety staffing we can develop a solution to meet your needs. We have expanded our reach and currently work within the oil & gas, construction and even the chemical industry.

Construction Safety Experts

Our company has over 30 years collective construction safety and field experience. Inquire about our policy and procedure writing, site safety teams, and account maintenance.

Safety - It's Not a Priority - It's a Value

Our company believes that all accidents are preventable. We are committed to continuous improvement in safety by eliminating the causes of workplace accidents. Working safely is a condition of employment and no job is so important or unimportant that it cannot be done safely. Each associate is responsible for safety. We expect all associates to place safety above expediency or short cuts, while working toward our goal of zero accidents.

What We Offer

Environmental Health & Safety Solutions focuses primarily on construction safety and offers a variety of onsite safety services among other offerings. We have also expanded into the oil & gas industry, industrial, chemical, and even nuclear safety. Contact us today about all of our occupational health & safety options.

The consultants and staff at Environmental Health & Safety Solutions have over three decades of experience servicing sectors such as the construction, oil and gas industry, chemical manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, power plants, and nuclear power.

Environmental Health & Safety Solutions is a full-service safety company committed to providing a variety of services:

  • Safety and Health Consultations
  • Onsite Safety Staffing
  • Occupational Medicine Support
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Policy Writing
  • Mock Audits
  • Accident Investigation
  • Training (PEC, First Aid, OSHA, etc…)
  • Account Management (ISNetworld, PICS, etc…)
  • Reducing Recordable Injuries
  • Increasing Overall Efficiency
  • Maintaining Compliance with Operators

Our Work Flow

  • Custom safety solutions tailored to your specific industry needs
  • Onsite safety consultations to refine existing programs and implement necessary improvements
  • 24/7 Account Servicing

What kind of clients do you work with?

We service an array of clients in multiple industries ranging from oil & gas, construction, chemical plants, and even industrial and material manufacturing. No job is too large for our experienced group of safety professionals.