Site Safety Professional

Site Safety Professional Roles and Responsibilities

A Site Safety Professional supports the overall company safety mission.

Supports the over all company safety mission including a 100/0™ safety culture!

Assists management in the preparation and implementation of the company specific Health, Safety and Environment program and policy.

Establishes and monitors programs for detecting and correcting hazardous conditions.

Attends all major customer safety meetings.

Coordinates or performs new hire in-house safety training.

Coordinates or performs specific safety training.

Presents weekly safety meeting for employees.

Travels to field locations and monitors safety of employees, the environment and company/client assets.

Observe workers to determine use of prescribed safety equipment and safety procedures.

Liaise with appropriate clients on safety matters where necessary.

Carry out surveys and inspections for proactive countermeasures.

Inspect specified areas for fire-prevention equipment and safety procedures.

Prepare reports of findings along with recommendations for corrective actions.

Assists in incident investigations to ascertain causes for use in recommending preventive safety measures and developing safety programs.

Prepares safety procedures and plans for company and client operations and amends existing procedures as dictated by the client or company.

Demonstrates the use of safety equipment.

Compiles as directed OSHA statistics and documents.

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